Open Door Art Studio, located in Grandview, Ohio, is dedicated to providing art education and art services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We act simultaneously as a creative space and as a gallery.


Open Door Art Studio empowers artists with disabilities to develop unique, artistic voices and to experience opportunities afforded through the arts. We believe that creativity knows no boundaries and that all individuals deserve an environment for “expression without limitation.”



At our accessible art studio, artists with disabilities work with professional art facilitators in an environment of mutual respect and creative freedom. Skills are developed by providing an individualized education. The art facilitators provide assistance with basic cognitive and physical needs, but never compromise the integrity of an individual’s original creation. Open Door believes in “expression without limitation” and we offer an ever-expanding variety of mediums for our artists to explore which include, but are not limited to: drawing, painting, sculpture, papier-mâché, ceramics, collage, fiber and textiles.


Exhibitions are opportunities to share and celebrate the artistic output of Open Door Art Studio with the community of central Ohio and beyond. Our dedicated gallery hosts five curated exhibitions each year that feature the amazing artwork created at Open Door. We have been embraced by the community of Columbus and feel that support at our well attended openings. In addition to creating exhibition opportunities at our gallery, we also seek outside exhibition opportunities for our studio artists. Open Door artists have had their artwork featured at alternative display spaces and other local and national galleries.


Artists are supplied with all materials to create their art and receive the proceeds from the sale of their work. Through this process they gain a sense of purpose, validation and self-worth. Aside from these benefits, artists at Open Door develop meaningful peer relationships, become active members of the local arts community, and gain a greater sense of independence. The boundless opportunities and benefits that come from creating and celebrating life through the arts cannot be easily quantified. Open Door Art Studio’s artists enhance the cultural fabric of central Ohio. Our artists are ambassadors of how embracing the arts can change lives.


Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Saturdays for select exhibition openings and special sales


Phone: 614.641.2828
Fax: 614.429.0140


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